Floor lamps can bring a whole new look to the interior decor of your house or office.  Available in various shapes and sizes, these lamps are standalone entities that do not need any installation, except for a power socket.

Buy floor lamps online and you could get good offers on them. However, ensure that the ones that you buy have a design that suits your decor. Also be sure of the height and the space that you can afford to have for a floor lamp or do you have space just enough for a coastal lamp.
Decide first whether you wish to buy a contemporary or a vintage lamp. Both are unique in their own ways. And if you are unsure what to do, refer to the guide below to show you the way.

Floor lamp styles
Floor lamps are available in various styles. Some of the most popular being:

  • Art shade
  • Tiffany style
  • Arc floor lamp
  • Arts and Crafts style
  • Torchiere lamps
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary

What to check in floor lamps?
A floor lamp should have a base, neck and a shade. Ensure that the floor lamp has a heavy and wide base, because that’s what makes it sturdy. The contemporary styles have a light base, making it more fragile. However, the vintage ones have a heavy base.

The neck is a long panel that joins the base and the shade plus it contains the electrical wire that connects the bulb. The neck is available in various shapes and designs. Sometimes it is built to suit the requirements of a reader; at other times it has multiple arms to allow lighting adjustment.

The Shade forms an important part of the lamp because that forms a deciding factor for the interior decor of the room. It can vary in shape and size. Depending on your taste for art, you could choose a vintage shade or a sleek contemporary one.

Best places to place a floor lamp
A floor lamp looks good anywhere at home or office. However, people prefer to place it in the drawing room or the bed room. Great to fill up awkward places, floor lamps gently illuminate the surrounding areas. You must ensure that the floor lamp is not placed in an area of passage because the chords attached to it might cause trouble. Also keep it out of reach of children and toddlers.

The top floor lamp brands include Pinch, Calligaris, Delightfull, Bert Frank, IQ Light, David Hunt, ARAM, Andrew Martin, ALESSI, APURE-SYSTEM, APPARATUS STUDIO, AMERICAN DJ, AMBIENTE DIRECT, ARNE JACOBSEN, ATELIER ARETI, and PSLAB. There are many Indian brands too that give similar lighting effect, but are cheaper than the above-mentioned brands.

So, buy the best brands of coastal lamps and floor lamps for quality and uniform lighting. These might be expensive, but they can change the entire interior decor of your house or office.  In other words, you do not have to spend too much on the interior of your house, just change the lighting and you can boast of a luxury already.


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